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Acupuncture and other integrated therapies

There are many other modalities under the acupuncture umbrella of practice. For example cupping, the general applications of glass cups that are placed onto the skin to create a vacuum like suction. It is a very relaxing non-invasive way to soften areas of muscle tension, increase circulation and blood flow, release toxins, and activate the lymphatic system. Then there is moxibustion a warming herb used to invigorate the qi and blood. It is also used to clear water retention, clearing dampness by its drying properties. Another integrated therapy is electro acupuncture. The application of an electric current to acupuncture needles as a means of stimulating acupuncture points. Effective results are seen in neurological diseases, including chronic pain, spasm and paralysis.

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Full Consultation and Treatment £60.00
Subsequent Acupuncture Treatments £45.00