Acupuncture and other integrated therapies

There are many other modalities under the acupuncture umbrella of practice. Chinese medical treatment is different from the typical western style of medicine. Western medicine tents to diagnose and then treat the signs of the illness and symptoms. Acupuncture aims to treat the root cause of your problem with the aim of alleviating your presenting condition. Chinese medicine is designed to treat the cause of the symptoms, not to temporarily remove them. 

Cupping is the general application of glass cups that are placed onto the skin to create a vacuum like suction. It is a very relaxing non-invasive way to soften areas of muscle tension, increase circulation and blood flow, release toxins, and activate the lymphatic system. Quite often this form of treatment can be used to relieve pain from the body; many people visit Lynne for the treatment of back pain or tight muscles Cupping is a very effective way to relieve the pain associated with tight muscles or muscle spasms.

This is when a warming herb is used to invigorate the qi and blood. It is also used to clear water retention, clearing dampness by its drying properties.  It is very common for patients to feel an instant warming feeling throughout the body following the energy channels. Moxibustion is a very calming treatment.

Electro acupuncture
Another integrated therapy is electro acupuncture. This is the application of an electric current to acupuncture needles as a means of stimulating acupuncture points. Effective results are seen in neurological diseases, including chronic pain, spasm and paralysis. The current that is used is extremely low and has no negative effects on the body. 

Lynne is highly experienced in all of these areas and will prescribe individual treatments to you during your initial consultation.